Monday, 30 May 2011

Eye Candy Fabulous False Nails and Lash Giveaway!

If you're suffering from TOWIE withdrawal (and quite frankly who isn't?!), indulge your inner Lauren or Lydia with bit of fake glam by entering this fabulous Eye Candy lash and false nail giveaway!

I have two Eye Candy sets (each set comprising a set of lashes and a set of nails) to give away, worth around £10 each. 


The first two people to send me a private message on Twitter with the words EYE CANDY, or e-mail me to, will win, it's as easy as that! Do it now!
UK entrants only please.

Click to visit Eye Candy's Facebook page here:

The Eye Candy range of false nails are the quickest and easiest way to take your nails from nasty to knock-out in minutes, giving a lovely high-gloss groomed look at a fraction of the price, or time, you'd spend in a salon. Each pack contains 24 nails in ten graduated sizes for a flawless fit and the revolutionary viewing window on the pack allows you to 'try before you buy'.

Designs include French, Decorated French, Natural and a fabulous high-polish pillar box red. Prices range from £4.49 to £5.99.

Available from Gordon's Chemists nationwide, and

Another way to achieve full-on glam, or simply enhance your own natural assets, is of course with false lashes. I'm told some of the key lines of Eye Candy lashes are proving so popular there's now a growing waiting list of over 600 people at and!

For a natural look and length for day or evening wear, Eye Candy's Naturalise Individual Lashes or Strip Lashes are easy enough to slip into your daily beauty routine, accentuating rather than overpowering.

Eye Candy's light as a feather Volumise Strip Lashes offer a fuller look for seriously sexy and striking peepers, or, for a high-impact, all-eyes-on-you look, Eye Candy's Dramatise Strip Lashes offer sensational length for va va voom evening and party make-up.

Eye Candy lashes cost £4.85 and are available from and

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fade Out Skincare Giveaway!

Want a brighter and more even skin tone in just 4 weeks?

 I have two fabulous Fade Out skincare sets, worth £26.97 each, to give away! See below!

Each set contains the following three Fade Out products:

* Fade Out White Protecting Day Cream SPF 15, 50ml, worth £8.99 
For a beautiful, radiant, even complexion, this day cream leaves you with smoother, brighter, younger looking skin. Suitable for all skin types.

* Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream, 50ml, worth £8.99
A rich formula that works overnight to nourish, hydrate and repair whilst brightening the complexion.

 * Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream, 15ml, worth £8.99
A lightly tinted cream with light reflecting particles, enriched with vitamin A to hydrate and firm.

*** GIVEAWAY! ***
For your chance to win a Fade Out set, worth £26.97 (comprising the day cream, night cream and eye cream) the first two people to e-mail me (UK entrants only) with the correct answer to this question will win:

QUESTION: How many weeks on average does it take to achieve a brighter and more even skin tone with 
Fade Out? 

E-mail: Karen at

Clue: the answer is somewhere above!

The Fade Out range visibly brightens, evens out skin tone and restores a youthful, natural radiance, in just four weeks. Used regularly, not only does it solve and correct skin issues, it can also prevent and defend against future hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots and sun spots. 

So what are the secret ingredients? Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) and powerful active naturals such as mulberry and liquorice.

As I'm getting older, and especially during pregnancy, I noticed hyperpigmentation in the form of little brown patches starting to appear around my eyes at the top of my cheeks, making me a prime candidate for Fade Out! I don't always want to wear a foundation, especially during the summer, so treating the skin with Fade Out helps to create that perfect flawless canvas, whether you want to wear make-up or go au naturel. 

The Fade Out range of advanced skincare is available from Boots


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Free Nails Inc. polish with InStyle magazine - worth £11!

If you love nails, go grab yourself a copy of June's InStyle magazine (£3.70) which comes with a free Nails Inc. nail polish worth £11! Snap up the fashion-forward shades of Candy Orange, Electric Teal and Fashion Fawn. All gorgeous bespoke colours and great quality coverage that lasts.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Aromatherapy Associates - Fine Line Face Oil

Just exquisite! If you invest in one thing for your skin, make it this!

Regular readers of my blog will know already that I'm a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates. It's one of the few brands I allow myself to indulge in occasionally, strictly on the basis that you only need a little -  this really is luxe that lasts!

This Fine Line Face Oil is quite honestly one of the most exquisite anti-ageing products I've ever had the pleasure of putting on my skin. It delivers almost instant results - I've been using it every evening for the past four nights and can already tell a huge difference in the texture, plumpness and youthfulness of my skin. Smoothing away the lines might take a little longer but I'm enjoying trying!

I'm always a little wary of oils and tend to use them only a night (for fear of looking like an oil slick!) but I've been experimenting with this one and because of its lovely light texture it's great under make-up during the day too. The recommendation is to apply it after serum and before moisturiser but I find it gives a healthy glow and moisturised skin when used alone too.

Massaging it into the face with fingertips before bed is sheer joy and makes for a peaceful night's sleep too. The aroma is a euphoric mix of indulgent rose, frankincense, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils, combined with apple seed and raspberry seed oils (to help natural collagen) and evening primrose and wild African plum (packed with fatty acids). The result is glowing, radiant skin with the diminished appearance of fine lines.

Interestingly I've also found this product has helped to dislodge and loosen some annoying blocked pores I could feel just beneath the surface of the skin. I'm guessing this is because jojoba is the main ingredient which is known for its natural affinity with the skin and ability to regulate oil production.This combined with the daily massaging has brought them to the surface which is an added bonus! 

This is a truly stunning product and I wholeheartedly recommend!

Aromatherapy Associates Fine Line Facial Oil, £41.50, available from

Faith In Nature - Roll-On Crystal Deodorant

I've long been fascinated by the idea of crystal deodorants which contain no aluminium-based compounds, the pore-plugging ingredient used in anti-perspirants to temporarily stop the flow of sweat to the skin's surface.

I've recently started running (well, power walking/light jogging!!) so I was a little nervous about putting my usual 48-hour full-on protection anti-perspirant aside to try a more natural approach!

What's different about this Roll-On Crystal Deodorant from Faith in Nature is that it contains no aluminium chlorohydrates, parabens or toxins but it claims to eliminate odour causing bacteria without blocking or constricting pores. So in other words, you still produce sweat, but without the nasty niffs, or chemical nasties!

Does it work? Absolutely! I've been testing the Organic Aloe Vera & Green Tea (for men and women) and it's really, really good. I enjoy the virtuous feeling I get when applying a naturally-derived product but best of all, it's 100% effective at what it sets out to do. 

Normally I'd expect such natural products to come with a slightly steeper price tag to their chemical-based counterparts, but this is a bargain at £3.89. Refills are also available at £2.99 so you're not only saving pennies, you're protecting the environment too.

The Faith in Nature range also contains some beautiful affordable hair care, bath and shower products, soaps, handwashes and skincare, all formulated with naturally-sourced ingredients and without artificial colours or perfumes. Click here to find out more: Faith in Nature

Aloe Vera & Green Tea Roll-On Crystal Deodorant, £3.89 from

Monday, 16 May 2011


Want to light up your lips, literally?! I have two fabulous GOSH Light 'N' Shine Lip Glazes to giveaway in 07 Light Purple! Read on to find out more ...

A few weeks back I lost my MAC Lipglass lip gloss and was feeling really bereft until this little beauty from GOSH Cosmetics dropped through my door! I like lip gloss to last, as my much-loved MAC product did, but this from GOSH really gives it a run for its money. It has a lovely stay-put consistency, a high shine gleam and just enough colour for the perfect pout.

What sets GOSH Light 'N' Shine apart from the rest of course is the fact that it comes with a nifty little built-in light and mirror for in-the-dark touch ups. It’s a while since I’ve set foot in a night club but I can imagine it could be extremely handy in such a situation, or for quick slick in a cab en route somewhere, or even in the bedroom if you're on a hot date! I’m not that lucky, but even at my dingy dressing table the light has come in handy to help me see what I’m doing!

There are six long-lasting luscious shades to choose from, two of which are brand new for spring, Light Purple and Hot Pink (my fave!) and they’re a bargain at £7.99, exclusive to Superdrug.

What’s not to like? Exactly. So click here and give GOSH UK a ‘like’ on their Facebook page! Go on, you know you want to… !


For your chance to win a GOSH Light 'N' Shine Lip Glaze in Light Purple, just answer this question (clue: the answer is somewhere above!)

Which two shades are brand new for spring?

The first two people to e-mail me with the correct answer will win! 
Send your answer to:


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 8 (of 8)

Here we are at Week 8 (of 8) of my no!no! trial, although technically speaking it's Week 10 as I deliberately left it an additonal couple of weeks so that I see how the results last!

To end the trial I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of what, I personally, consider to be the pros and cons:

* It's a very stylish device
* It's simple to get up and running
* You don't use it in the bath/shower
* You can use it while watching TV (always a bonus for me!)
* It's very quick to remove hair
* It doesn't hurt at all
* You can use it on hair as short as 1mm
* You can adjust the treatment level depending on area
* You can use it on any hair or skin type
* It's suitable for body and face
* Unlike waxing you can remove hair without stripping off a fake tan!
* It's easy to get replacement parts/buffers etc
* I don't have as many ingrown hairs since using the no!no! 
* There's a comprehensive website which answers every question you could possibly have.

*The smell of burning hair may put some people off!
* It is pretty pricey at almost £200
* The Thermicon tips can take a little getting used to as they can 'jump' on skin
* You can burn yourself if you don't read the instructions and use it properly!
* Personally I don't think it's great on bikini line and underarm. It's too uncomfortable to buff such sensitive areas and keep the area flat as you roll over it. 
* It made my sensitive skin a little itchy, especially when buffing too
* For me personally, initially my hair grew back at the same rate as if shaving

In my 8 week trial, using it 2-3 times a week, I still have hair although I would say it has reduced but only by approximately 20-30%. It is, however, much finer and grows back slower.

So the ultimate question. Would I buy it? I'm sorry to say it's a 'no.' I think it would be a great investment for someone with light growth and fine hair who wanted to keep on top of their hair removal, maybe even as removal between waxing appointments for those pesky hairs that grow back in between (although never use on freshly-waxed skin), but as someone with darker, stronger hair growth and sensitive skin, I didn't think it was quite up to the job. I still haven't found anything to beat waxing!

I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering the no!no! Of course, these are my own personal opinions, based on my own experience of the no!no! Please do get in touch with any comments and feedback.