Tuesday, 10 May 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 8 (of 8)

Here we are at Week 8 (of 8) of my no!no! trial, although technically speaking it's Week 10 as I deliberately left it an additonal couple of weeks so that I see how the results last!

To end the trial I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of what, I personally, consider to be the pros and cons:

* It's a very stylish device
* It's simple to get up and running
* You don't use it in the bath/shower
* You can use it while watching TV (always a bonus for me!)
* It's very quick to remove hair
* It doesn't hurt at all
* You can use it on hair as short as 1mm
* You can adjust the treatment level depending on area
* You can use it on any hair or skin type
* It's suitable for body and face
* Unlike waxing you can remove hair without stripping off a fake tan!
* It's easy to get replacement parts/buffers etc
* I don't have as many ingrown hairs since using the no!no! 
* There's a comprehensive website which answers every question you could possibly have.

*The smell of burning hair may put some people off!
* It is pretty pricey at almost £200
* The Thermicon tips can take a little getting used to as they can 'jump' on skin
* You can burn yourself if you don't read the instructions and use it properly!
* Personally I don't think it's great on bikini line and underarm. It's too uncomfortable to buff such sensitive areas and keep the area flat as you roll over it. 
* It made my sensitive skin a little itchy, especially when buffing too
* For me personally, initially my hair grew back at the same rate as if shaving

In my 8 week trial, using it 2-3 times a week, I still have hair although I would say it has reduced but only by approximately 20-30%. It is, however, much finer and grows back slower.

So the ultimate question. Would I buy it? I'm sorry to say it's a 'no.' I think it would be a great investment for someone with light growth and fine hair who wanted to keep on top of their hair removal, maybe even as removal between waxing appointments for those pesky hairs that grow back in between (although never use on freshly-waxed skin), but as someone with darker, stronger hair growth and sensitive skin, I didn't think it was quite up to the job. I still haven't found anything to beat waxing!

I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering the no!no! Of course, these are my own personal opinions, based on my own experience of the no!no! Please do get in touch with any comments and feedback.

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