Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Betty Hula Body Moisturisers - A Taste of Paradise!

Your skin will be grass skirt-ready when you get hold of Betty Hula's Hawaiian-inspired body moisturisers, so get set for a sashay across the sand!

Perfect for sun-parched skin or getting a subtle sheen onto limbs that have been hiding away over winter, the Betty Hula range of moisturisers suit all skin types, even sensitive. Some reviewers on the website even say they've helped with their eczema and stretch marks, so if you have a specific problem, such as scaring or dry skin, even sunburn, it's well worth giving them a go.

I've been testing out sample sizes of the Rum & Blackcurrant (sweet and fruity), Champagne & Spice (sensual and sophisticated) and Kiwi & Lime (tropical and zesty). My favourite, probably the Kiwi & Lime, which to me smells like the scent of zingy tropical fruits with the freshness of a cooling sea breeze! Just gorgeous!

What I really like about this brand is that the products are formulated using natural ingredients full of nourishing goodness, like shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E, so you know you're smoothing the very best onto your skin. All with the added bonus of leaving you scented with tropical scents of Pacific islands, what's not to like?!

The indulgent formulation is thick, yet whipped, so it sinks effortlessly into the skin to leave a soft, healthy-looking lustre. A pot would probably see you through the summer as a little goes a long way. I'd recommend using after a day in the sun (after bathing or showering) to prevent dryness, keep skin supple and smelling lush.

Betty Hula Body Moisturisers are £14.99 each, 120ml. Click here to visit the Betty Hula website

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Are you wearing an SPF today? Try SOLAIT from Superdrug!

With the weather turning scorchio for the Easter weekend, just a reminder to slap on a good quality suncream ... but don't forget your face!

Shocking statistics from Superdrug reveal that while 89% of British women say they know being out in the sun without sun protection can lead to wrinkles and skin ageing, only 30% say they use a daily SPF. 

I've been using the Solait Anti-Ageing facial sun cream from Superdrug over the past few weeks and it's just brilliant, and a fab price too at £5.99. Its light formulation with Vitamin E works well under make-up (both cream foundation and mineral powder foundation) and skin feels lovely and moisturised with a light pleasant fragrance.

And, with its 50+ plus SPF I know my skin's getting fantastic UVA (think A for ageing) and UVB (think B for burning) protection. 

As the tube suggests, I've been also slathering down onto my neck and chest, and also onto my hands which can often be one of the first areas to show signs of ageing! I've also used it on my children, and keep the handy-sized tube in my bag for top ups when we're out and about.

While many of us might associate keeping our lips nourished during the winter months, it's also really important to use a product on the lips during the summer too, to prevent burning and protect them from the sun's rays. The Solait Lip Protection Stick is super slick, offers SPF 25 protection and looks great worn on its own, or personally, I fill in lips with a nude lip pencil and pop on over the top instead of my usual gloss for colour, protection and shine.

Solait Anti-Ageing Facial Sun Cream £5.99 and Solait Lip Protection Stick, £2.49

Solait is available exclusively at Superdrug stores and at


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 7 (of 8)

For the first time in no!no! trial I looked today and noticed that, finally, the areas of my legs I have treated are definitely looking finer and sparser! Seven weeks in and I can honestly say I can see an improvement that might just be worth paying for. I won't be throwing away my waxing kit just yet but anything that eases re-growth has got to be worth it.

I thought I'd also share a great review I found online, which has been filmed by someone who regularly uses the no!no! and whose opinion I think will help anyone considering purchasing one.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Skin Wisdom Day Spa range from Tesco

I love brightening up a boring trip to the supermarket by slipping a few spa items into my trolley (just as a little pick-me-up to look forward to after I've put all the shopping away!) and the Skin Wisdom Day Spa bathing and beauty range at Tesco (£4 to £6) is luxury at a price I can afford.

What I really like about the range is that not only is is really comprehensive, it has the holistic expertise of the renowned beauty guru, Bharti Vyas behind it, and three award-winning UK spas. They've created a results-driven range of affordable yet luxurious products packed with carefully-selected ingredients and gorgeous formulations.

The Heavenly Shower & Bath Gel in Warm Cinnamon and Fig from the Truly Relaxing range might sound like a spicy, almost festive scent, but it's a light, frothy formulation which is a sheer delight to use in either the bath or shower, and a steal at £4.

I can't get over the price of the next exquisite product, the Unwind Bath & Body Oil in Rose & Geranium from the Pure De-Stress range. At £6, the frosted glass bottle and boxed packaging gives the look and feel of a product four or five times as expensive. This is a real end-of-the-week deep de-stress treat. It smells divine, makes the bath water feel 'softer' and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. It can also be massaged into skin after bathing to lock in moisture to dry skin.

Quite possibly my favourite product from the range, the Ultra Rich Body Butter in Vanilla & Neroli from the Very Enriched range is so delicious you'll just want to eat it (but don't!). At just £5 this generously-sized pot is a seriously good deep-conditioner for the skin, and would also make an effective back massage medium if you fancied treating someone to a massage! As the name suggests it is very thick so you do need to leave it a good five minutes before getting dressed to allow it to sink into the skin. It's fabulous on knees, elbows, hands (and cuticles) and especially for getting feet summer ready. Just slather on under socks overnight and wake up walking on air!

The thought that has gone into creating exciting fragrance combinations really draws me to this range. Here we have the replenishing Gingerlily & Orange Exotic Hand & Body Lotion from the Gentle Revive range at just £4! It reminds me of a couple of other lovely (much more expensive brands) but I like the price tag a lot, lot more!

I'm really impressed by the Skin Wisdom Day Spa range so next time you're in a Tesco store, treat yourself and pop something lovely and pampering in your trolley!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Just Soaps - Organic Citrus Zing Shampoo

Today I wanted to share with you my excitement at discovering Just Soaps and their lovely range of handmade natural soaps and body care products ... especially the Organic Citrus Zing shampoo which packs a really fruity punch!


To begin with this plain and simple shampoo bottle didn't really get me going but as soon as I took the top off and smelt this product, WOW .... I was hit with the fruity zesty smell of sherbet lemons (well lime and lemongrass essential oils to be exact). It smelt so zingy and fruity that I stopped what I was doing and went to wash my hair immediately, in the middle of the day!!

I've been suffering with oily hair and product overload for a few weeks now and have tried umpteen shampoos to shift my greasy roots and limp locks but this is the only shampoo that's worked. It left my hair feeling really, really clean, fresh, shiny and smelling amazing. My hair kept that just-washed look and feel for ages afterwards, I'm a convert!

The formulation is quite runny so you've got to quick to catch it (before it hits the plug hole!), but lathers up quickly and rinses away leaving hair squeaky clean. There's a conditioner in the hair care range too (Natural/Unscented) which I imagine would be great if your hair is prone to tangles.

So many things have caught my eye on the Just Soaps website. I love the gift sets, the natural soap cake slices, and the pet shampoo (which comes with a dog biscuit) is just genius! Oh, and the peppermint foot products look like a refreshing summery treat too.There are even soap making courses (£95) for the day where you can learn how to make your own handmade soaps in Leicestershire.

If you're a fan of products free from chemical additives and preservatives and like the idea of pampering and nourishing your skin with natural ingredients like spring water, honey, oats, goat's milk, beeswax and lavender buds, this site is well worth a click!

Just Soap's Organic Citrus Zing Shampoo costs £7.25 for 200ml (or £13.50 for the Citrus Zing Shampoo and an Unscented conditioner) and is suitable for all hair types. Shampoo also available in Lavender and Unscented.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 6 (of 8)

So six weeks in to my eight week trial and time for another update on the no!no! I'm still using it diligently, regularly and patiently and can see a small (and it is small!) reduction in hair growth and density.

It comes into its own on sunny mornings like today when you might want to wear shorts or a skirt, or off for a Sunday morning swimming session, but can't be bothered to do the whole hair removal rigmarole in the bath or shower. Just whisk the no!no! over the skin, a quick buff and you've instantly got smooth hair-free skin. At least for a few days, depending on your personal hair growth! There's no mess to tidy up afterwards, it takes literally minutes and you're ready to go.

For me personally, I still don't like the way I can still see the hair root slightly under the skin, as I can with shaving. I prefer the cleaner look that waxing gives as it removes the hair by the root. For some this wouldn't be a problem but for those with darker hair, I could see this being a problem. Maybe over time, this diminishes but it hasn't for me yet.

One big plus the no!no! has over waxing is that it doesn't leave the temporary redness and blotches often associated immediately after waxing treatments. The skin looks calm and not in any way irritated so you don't have to stay under wraps!

Stay tuned, more next week!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash

This week I've been bathing and showering my sensitive skin in healthy minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea, macadamia oil and nourishing organic plant extracts ... it's a tough life!


I love body washes which give a lovely rich and creamy lather but often they're so full of harsh detergents and other nasties (like SLS and SLES), that they can backfire on my skin, leaving me dry and itchy. Which is why I love the skin-friendly, allergy-tested range of Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Washes from AHAVA ... as the name suggests they do leave your skin velvety smooth!

I've been trying out the Lotus Flower & Chestnut (sensitive skin) which works to soothe irritation, nourishes and balances the skin and acts as a natural emollient. I've got to say I'm really impressed!

Firstly, I love the packaging. The stunning botanical photography on the bottles makes this a range which would look stylish in any bathroom, or would be perfect as a gift.

The scent is light, delicate and refreshing and afterwards my skin felt healthy, nourished and soothed, not at all dry and tight. I enjoyed using it both as a shower wash (it lathers up beautifully on a sponge) and in the bath for a luxurious soak.

It is £15 but a little goes a long way and the bottle is huge (500ml) so I'm anticipating months of use from mine. It's a really good product to have on the shelf as part of pre-summer skin prep! I'm starting preparing the skin now so that those faux tans smooth onto flawless, moisturised skin this summer!

There are seven fragrances to choose from, including Bamboo & Pansy and Hibiscus & Fig for Very Dry Skin, and Water Lily & Guarana and Orange & Frangipani for Normal to Dry Skin. 

A quality Dead Sea range well worth checking out. For more details visit:

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fantastic charity opportunity for PRs!

Calling all PRs and beauty companies!

I'm on the hunt for lovely PR companies who might be interested in raising money for the amazing charity Action Medical Research by donating some beauty samples for goodie bags! 

Now in its fifth year, the Alternative Ascot Day Lunch is held at York Racecourse on Thursday 16th June and raises money for Action Medical Research, a charity which finds and funds the very best medical research to help save and change children's lives.

The event attracts over 200 ladies who enjoy a decadent afternoon of fun and entertainment and leave with a goodie bag full of lovely treats to take away. It's always a sell-out success!

Would you like to be part of this fantastic PR opportunity 
and help a worthwhile cause? 

Could you provide around 200 products or samples?

If you would like to get involved by donating products (or even if you'd like to attend!), please contact the organiser, Karen Ratcliffe, directly on: 01757 228136 or 07799 253402. 

Thank you!

Friday, 1 April 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 5 (of 8)

The sun came out this week so it's been all hands to the no!no! to tackle the stubble situation and get legs smooth and summer ready! I'm still frazzling those hairs away, seeing a slight reduction in regrowth and density but I've got to admit, I'm still dying to reach for my wax pot as it still leaves me stubbly!

One thing I do keep telling myself with the no!no! is that it's not some overnight miracle product. It takes time and commitment so if you do invest in one, you need to be prepared to invest the time to use it too.

The upsides to me at this stage (ie over half way through the trial) are that it's quick, you don't have to go in the shower to use it, it's not messy, you can do it whilst watching TV, it removes hair instantly, even at a short length. 

I've let a few friends try it and, although it's suitable for all hair colours and skin types, it does seem to work better on those with fairer, lighter hair. I think, for me, personally, it's almost time to start cranking up my wax pot!

More next week!

Mary Kay Timewise Anti Ageing Gel Mask

I'm just getting over a cold so my skin is dry and parched with that lovely flaky look you get from blowing your nose too much! Mary Kay's brand new Timewise Anti Ageing Gel mask promises instant deep hydration in just ten minutes so what better time to put it to the test!

There are two ways to use this mask. Either apply and leave on for ten minutes or apply before bed and leave on overnight. I've tried both. 

Last night I got into bed having applied a thin layer of the lovely rich gel and after around fifteen minutes or so it had dried sufficiently so I didn't stick to the pillow! I woke up this morning with skin as plump and soft as a baby's bum! 

It's also a powerful ten-minute fix and I like it as a pick-me-up before going out. It calms and hydrates the skin, minimises pores, fine lines and wrinkles and, for me, gave me a softer, smoother surface on which to apply my mineral make-up base. A bit like giving your skin a lovely big drink!

I'm not sure I quite picked up on the 'aromatic scent that enhances well-being' (chamomile, lavender, rosemary, rosewood and geranium) but I did like the luxurious thickness and coolness of the gel, the ease of application and the stress-free removal, it just rinses away, so no dried, caked on mask to contend with!

It's also worth mentioning that it can be used across the spectrum of skin types, from dry and normal to oily and even sensitive. 

It's slightly above what I'd usually spend on a face mask, £16.50, but it did deliver on the hydration front and it's a handy gem to have stashed away as a rescue remedy for dry, stressed out skin.

Available to purchase exclusively via Mary Kay beauty consultants. To find your nearest visit