Friday, 1 April 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 5 (of 8)

The sun came out this week so it's been all hands to the no!no! to tackle the stubble situation and get legs smooth and summer ready! I'm still frazzling those hairs away, seeing a slight reduction in regrowth and density but I've got to admit, I'm still dying to reach for my wax pot as it still leaves me stubbly!

One thing I do keep telling myself with the no!no! is that it's not some overnight miracle product. It takes time and commitment so if you do invest in one, you need to be prepared to invest the time to use it too.

The upsides to me at this stage (ie over half way through the trial) are that it's quick, you don't have to go in the shower to use it, it's not messy, you can do it whilst watching TV, it removes hair instantly, even at a short length. 

I've let a few friends try it and, although it's suitable for all hair colours and skin types, it does seem to work better on those with fairer, lighter hair. I think, for me, personally, it's almost time to start cranking up my wax pot!

More next week!

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