Friday, 1 April 2011

Mary Kay Timewise Anti Ageing Gel Mask

I'm just getting over a cold so my skin is dry and parched with that lovely flaky look you get from blowing your nose too much! Mary Kay's brand new Timewise Anti Ageing Gel mask promises instant deep hydration in just ten minutes so what better time to put it to the test!

There are two ways to use this mask. Either apply and leave on for ten minutes or apply before bed and leave on overnight. I've tried both. 

Last night I got into bed having applied a thin layer of the lovely rich gel and after around fifteen minutes or so it had dried sufficiently so I didn't stick to the pillow! I woke up this morning with skin as plump and soft as a baby's bum! 

It's also a powerful ten-minute fix and I like it as a pick-me-up before going out. It calms and hydrates the skin, minimises pores, fine lines and wrinkles and, for me, gave me a softer, smoother surface on which to apply my mineral make-up base. A bit like giving your skin a lovely big drink!

I'm not sure I quite picked up on the 'aromatic scent that enhances well-being' (chamomile, lavender, rosemary, rosewood and geranium) but I did like the luxurious thickness and coolness of the gel, the ease of application and the stress-free removal, it just rinses away, so no dried, caked on mask to contend with!

It's also worth mentioning that it can be used across the spectrum of skin types, from dry and normal to oily and even sensitive. 

It's slightly above what I'd usually spend on a face mask, £16.50, but it did deliver on the hydration front and it's a handy gem to have stashed away as a rescue remedy for dry, stressed out skin.

Available to purchase exclusively via Mary Kay beauty consultants. To find your nearest visit

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