Monday, 20 June 2011

Spa Find - Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud

Here's a lovely product for anyone whose tired tresses need a little TLC! It's a thick, luxurious hair and scalp mud, fortified with ocean-rich natural minerals, which can be used instead of your usual conditioner for soft, run-your-hands-through hair!

It comes in a huge 500ml, so you can really afford to slather it on (just be sure to rinse thoroughly!) and massage through the hair and on to the scalp. Anyone with an itchy, flaky scalp would feel the benefit of this refreshing treatment, and hair really does swing and shine afterwards! 

The mud contains extract of peach, coconut and grapefruit which, to be completely honest, Icouldn't pick up on, but it does leaves the hair delicately scented and feeling really clean and fresh.

Here's a quick run-down of the seven main Dead Sea minerals in the Spa Find range which also includes facial skincare, natural muds, masks and exfoliants for the body and a comprehensive cellulite range.

Magnesium - for anti-stress
Potassium and Sodium - purifying and hydrating
Calcium - anti-ageing
Bromide - relaxing
Sulphur - healing
Iodine - detoxing

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud costs £18 and is available from and

Naked for Kids Shampoo - they're child's play!

My sons' bath time this week has been almost a scientific experiment-type affair, as I assigned them the task of trying out two new Naked for Kids shampoos! Working them up into a lather were Naked for Kids Toffee Apple 2in1 Shampoo and Naked for Kids Bananas & Custard 2in1 Shampoo.

Before we'd even got to the actual product inside the bottle, my three-year-old liked the illustrations and my eight-year-old thought the cap was 'cool' and 'well-designed!'

Both scents were a hit, with the banana just pipping the apple to the winning spot, with both boys saying 'mmmmm' to both! What I like about them as a mum is that the products are 97% natural so, unlike lots of kid's shampoos, they're not loaded with toxins that could irritate their skin. They lather up well and rinse easily away.

My eldest said his hair was much easier to brush after using the shampoo, without the usual knots and tangles we have to contend with, and the end result was shiny, glossy hair which smelt super fresh and fruity. We're hoping to pick up the Jam Sandwiches variety next!

We've also been using the odd squirt to add bubbles to the bath, works well for us although probably a bit of a waste to wash such scrumptiousness down the plug hole! Lovely fun shampoos that brighten up bath time!

20th August ... quick update! Two months later and these shampoos are still going strong! I've washed two little boys' hair every other day for two months and still have an inch left in each bottle. Incredible value and very long lasting. As a family we give these a big thumbs up.

Available from Boots nationwide, £2.99 each. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

AHAVA ... your summer skincare sussed!

It might just be me, but every summer I find choosing a new suncream really quite bewildering. The shelves groan with products, and to honest I'm usually put off by all the lurid yellow bottles with thick, greasy coconut-smelling products! The thought of applying them to my face, and the blocked pores that will inevitably follow, brings me out in cold sweat! Then there's the issue of having to buy different products for myself and the kids, not to mention the expense.  

This summer my prayers have been answered by AHAVA. I've been trying out the AHAVA Mineral Suncare range, a Dead Sea mineral-based line which I've got to say is very impressive. 

The products are an absolute pleasure to apply. The lightweight, non-greasy formula sinks straight into the skin, without leaving that thick slather of white cream so often associated with sun products! The scent is subtle, light and fresh.

What I really like is that, apart from offering the high protection against UVA/UVB rays you'd expect, they're packed full of therapeutic Dead Sea minerals, anti-ageing seaweed, plant extracts and soothing aloe vera so they're also a nourishing and hydrating treat for the skin.

The Anti-Aging Facial Moisturiser is perfect underneath make-up and an essential for protecting against sun-induced ageing. Best of all, no break-outs!

I've not only been using the products on my own sensitive skin, I've applied them to my children too, safe in the knowledge that their skin is then protected for up to 80 mins. They're allegy tested too so I don't need to worry about their skin becoming irritated.

At last, my yearly sun protection dilemma is solved. I'll be switching to AHAVA and staying safe, oil-slick free and delicately scented in the sun!

AHAVA Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturiser, SPF 30, £21.50
AHAVA Sun Protection Anti-Aging Facial Moisturiser, SPF 50, £21

Ahava’s Mineral Suncare Sun Protection Moisturisers are available from leading department stores, salons, pharmacies and other fine stores nationwide as well as by mail order and online.  For further information, contact Ahava UK on 01452 864574 or visit

Friday, 10 June 2011

Lush Bathtime Favourites - Jon Burgerman editon!

I love Lush, there's just something about the fruity, zingy scents - whether I'm walking down a high street and catch a whiff floating from one of their stores, or in my bathroom - that lifts my spirits! Give me a box of Lush's Bath Ballistics over a box of chocolates any day ...

This jazzy Bathtime Favourites tin is a limited edition from Lush, designed by the English artist Jon Burgerman. The tin has done a fabulous job of brightening up my bathroom this week with its zany doodles!

Lurking inside are nine fizzy bath bombs, all small sized, but offering full-on fizz. There's Blackberry Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb, Butterball, Think Pink, Geo Phyzz, Big Blue, Avobath, Honey Bee and Keep it Fluffy ... so something there for everyone!

I love the sensual Sex Bomb and fragrant Think Pink which turn the bath water a sweet Barbie pink (and leave behind pretty sparkles, hearts and flowers!) but tonight I'll be ending the week by slipping into a deep bath full of skin-softening Butterball for a delicious vanilla-steeped soak. I can not wait!

I absolutely love these (can you tell?) and think you will too!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Box of tricks - Beauty Encyclopedias from e.l.f

Absolutely love these ... and only £6 each! 

I first heard about the e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedias when the amazing make-up artist Lisa Eldridge used products from the Face edition (above) to create a fabulous first date look on her blog,

Just lately I've been lucky enough to try some myself and I've got to say, I think these Beauty Encyclopedias from e.l.f (which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face) are utter genius. They're perfect for taking on holiday, or, if you're not that lucky, they offer a make-up artist's worth of shades at your fingertips at home. I can't rave about them enough ... they're affordable and great quality!

You'll love them if you're a busy mum and need to pull together a speedy semi-groomed look for the school run (no rummaging around in the bottom of your make-up bag!), or if you're a Saturday night diva who likes to experiment with different looks, there's plenty here for you too. Or maybe you're both...?!

Basically, they're a hardbacked book-style compact and hidden inside the front flap is a step-by-step guide on how to apply the products within, with illustrations so that you can see exactly what you're meant to be doing. Great for if you fancy a new look or have never been able to master that lovely contoured eye  ... now you can practice until you get it perfect.

I particularly loved the creaminess and blendability of the products in the Face encyclopedia (a palette of shimmer creams, concealers, bronzer and blusher), especially the concealers which melt effortlessly over blemishes and dark circles and stay put without caking. I used my own blusher brush to apply the bronzer and blusher, just because I prefer a bigger brush, but there is a face brush included.

The Eye collections (I tried three: Basic Eye Editon, Eye Edition and Sparkle Eye Edition) offer a plethora of shades and there are few looks, day or evening, you'd struggle to create given the selection of shadow shades. Each Eye kit contains a mix of eyeshadows, cream eye shadows, an eye liner and an eyeshadow brush.

Everything you need is there to learn how to define the eye, contour and highlight to get a really professional finish. I preferred using my own brushes but that's just personal preference! I found the darker shades of eyeshadow made a good softer alternative to eye pencil.

Finally, the Lip encyclopedia contains everthing you need to create perfect glossy lips with 12 lip colour shades, two lip gloss shades, a lip liner and a lip defining brush. They're a dream to apply, with lovely suit-all shades. There's not one colour in there that's too wacky and will never get used, just like the eye shades, they're all totally wearable.

Priced at an unbelieveable £6, (yes £6 that's not a typo!), these are absolute must-haves if you love make up! You'll dip into them again and again and with so many different combinations to choose from, you'll never be bored!

Available exclusively online from:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Want sweeter breath? Get Sweet Breath!

Great for getting rid of coffee or curry breath, these cute little 
Sweet Breath breath fresheners not only kill germs, they're a nifty way to deal with any nasty niffs!

One or two quick squirts and hey presto, sweet breath! What's really great is that they can be clipped onto almost anything, or are dinky enough to slip into your handbag, so you're never far away from fresher breath.

Fab for anyone who is not a fan of chewing gum but wants a hit of instant mouth refreshment, or after drinking or smoking. Invaluable also for beauticians who can't chew gum over their clients but work in close proximity to the faces of others, ie during eyebrow shaping/facials etc!

Available in Peppermint and Spearmint, from leading pharmacies nationwide, £1.99.
Visit for more info and stockists.