Monday, 20 June 2011

Naked for Kids Shampoo - they're child's play!

My sons' bath time this week has been almost a scientific experiment-type affair, as I assigned them the task of trying out two new Naked for Kids shampoos! Working them up into a lather were Naked for Kids Toffee Apple 2in1 Shampoo and Naked for Kids Bananas & Custard 2in1 Shampoo.

Before we'd even got to the actual product inside the bottle, my three-year-old liked the illustrations and my eight-year-old thought the cap was 'cool' and 'well-designed!'

Both scents were a hit, with the banana just pipping the apple to the winning spot, with both boys saying 'mmmmm' to both! What I like about them as a mum is that the products are 97% natural so, unlike lots of kid's shampoos, they're not loaded with toxins that could irritate their skin. They lather up well and rinse easily away.

My eldest said his hair was much easier to brush after using the shampoo, without the usual knots and tangles we have to contend with, and the end result was shiny, glossy hair which smelt super fresh and fruity. We're hoping to pick up the Jam Sandwiches variety next!

We've also been using the odd squirt to add bubbles to the bath, works well for us although probably a bit of a waste to wash such scrumptiousness down the plug hole! Lovely fun shampoos that brighten up bath time!

20th August ... quick update! Two months later and these shampoos are still going strong! I've washed two little boys' hair every other day for two months and still have an inch left in each bottle. Incredible value and very long lasting. As a family we give these a big thumbs up.

Available from Boots nationwide, £2.99 each. 

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