Monday, 20 June 2011

Spa Find - Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud

Here's a lovely product for anyone whose tired tresses need a little TLC! It's a thick, luxurious hair and scalp mud, fortified with ocean-rich natural minerals, which can be used instead of your usual conditioner for soft, run-your-hands-through hair!

It comes in a huge 500ml, so you can really afford to slather it on (just be sure to rinse thoroughly!) and massage through the hair and on to the scalp. Anyone with an itchy, flaky scalp would feel the benefit of this refreshing treatment, and hair really does swing and shine afterwards! 

The mud contains extract of peach, coconut and grapefruit which, to be completely honest, Icouldn't pick up on, but it does leaves the hair delicately scented and feeling really clean and fresh.

Here's a quick run-down of the seven main Dead Sea minerals in the Spa Find range which also includes facial skincare, natural muds, masks and exfoliants for the body and a comprehensive cellulite range.

Magnesium - for anti-stress
Potassium and Sodium - purifying and hydrating
Calcium - anti-ageing
Bromide - relaxing
Sulphur - healing
Iodine - detoxing

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud costs £18 and is available from and

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