Friday, 10 June 2011

Lush Bathtime Favourites - Jon Burgerman editon!

I love Lush, there's just something about the fruity, zingy scents - whether I'm walking down a high street and catch a whiff floating from one of their stores, or in my bathroom - that lifts my spirits! Give me a box of Lush's Bath Ballistics over a box of chocolates any day ...

This jazzy Bathtime Favourites tin is a limited edition from Lush, designed by the English artist Jon Burgerman. The tin has done a fabulous job of brightening up my bathroom this week with its zany doodles!

Lurking inside are nine fizzy bath bombs, all small sized, but offering full-on fizz. There's Blackberry Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb, Butterball, Think Pink, Geo Phyzz, Big Blue, Avobath, Honey Bee and Keep it Fluffy ... so something there for everyone!

I love the sensual Sex Bomb and fragrant Think Pink which turn the bath water a sweet Barbie pink (and leave behind pretty sparkles, hearts and flowers!) but tonight I'll be ending the week by slipping into a deep bath full of skin-softening Butterball for a delicious vanilla-steeped soak. I can not wait!

I absolutely love these (can you tell?) and think you will too!

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