Friday, 15 April 2011

Skin Wisdom Day Spa range from Tesco

I love brightening up a boring trip to the supermarket by slipping a few spa items into my trolley (just as a little pick-me-up to look forward to after I've put all the shopping away!) and the Skin Wisdom Day Spa bathing and beauty range at Tesco (£4 to £6) is luxury at a price I can afford.

What I really like about the range is that not only is is really comprehensive, it has the holistic expertise of the renowned beauty guru, Bharti Vyas behind it, and three award-winning UK spas. They've created a results-driven range of affordable yet luxurious products packed with carefully-selected ingredients and gorgeous formulations.

The Heavenly Shower & Bath Gel in Warm Cinnamon and Fig from the Truly Relaxing range might sound like a spicy, almost festive scent, but it's a light, frothy formulation which is a sheer delight to use in either the bath or shower, and a steal at £4.

I can't get over the price of the next exquisite product, the Unwind Bath & Body Oil in Rose & Geranium from the Pure De-Stress range. At £6, the frosted glass bottle and boxed packaging gives the look and feel of a product four or five times as expensive. This is a real end-of-the-week deep de-stress treat. It smells divine, makes the bath water feel 'softer' and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. It can also be massaged into skin after bathing to lock in moisture to dry skin.

Quite possibly my favourite product from the range, the Ultra Rich Body Butter in Vanilla & Neroli from the Very Enriched range is so delicious you'll just want to eat it (but don't!). At just £5 this generously-sized pot is a seriously good deep-conditioner for the skin, and would also make an effective back massage medium if you fancied treating someone to a massage! As the name suggests it is very thick so you do need to leave it a good five minutes before getting dressed to allow it to sink into the skin. It's fabulous on knees, elbows, hands (and cuticles) and especially for getting feet summer ready. Just slather on under socks overnight and wake up walking on air!

The thought that has gone into creating exciting fragrance combinations really draws me to this range. Here we have the replenishing Gingerlily & Orange Exotic Hand & Body Lotion from the Gentle Revive range at just £4! It reminds me of a couple of other lovely (much more expensive brands) but I like the price tag a lot, lot more!

I'm really impressed by the Skin Wisdom Day Spa range so next time you're in a Tesco store, treat yourself and pop something lovely and pampering in your trolley!

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