Sunday, 10 April 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 6 (of 8)

So six weeks in to my eight week trial and time for another update on the no!no! I'm still using it diligently, regularly and patiently and can see a small (and it is small!) reduction in hair growth and density.

It comes into its own on sunny mornings like today when you might want to wear shorts or a skirt, or off for a Sunday morning swimming session, but can't be bothered to do the whole hair removal rigmarole in the bath or shower. Just whisk the no!no! over the skin, a quick buff and you've instantly got smooth hair-free skin. At least for a few days, depending on your personal hair growth! There's no mess to tidy up afterwards, it takes literally minutes and you're ready to go.

For me personally, I still don't like the way I can still see the hair root slightly under the skin, as I can with shaving. I prefer the cleaner look that waxing gives as it removes the hair by the root. For some this wouldn't be a problem but for those with darker hair, I could see this being a problem. Maybe over time, this diminishes but it hasn't for me yet.

One big plus the no!no! has over waxing is that it doesn't leave the temporary redness and blotches often associated immediately after waxing treatments. The skin looks calm and not in any way irritated so you don't have to stay under wraps!

Stay tuned, more next week!

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