Monday, 11 April 2011

Just Soaps - Organic Citrus Zing Shampoo

Today I wanted to share with you my excitement at discovering Just Soaps and their lovely range of handmade natural soaps and body care products ... especially the Organic Citrus Zing shampoo which packs a really fruity punch!


To begin with this plain and simple shampoo bottle didn't really get me going but as soon as I took the top off and smelt this product, WOW .... I was hit with the fruity zesty smell of sherbet lemons (well lime and lemongrass essential oils to be exact). It smelt so zingy and fruity that I stopped what I was doing and went to wash my hair immediately, in the middle of the day!!

I've been suffering with oily hair and product overload for a few weeks now and have tried umpteen shampoos to shift my greasy roots and limp locks but this is the only shampoo that's worked. It left my hair feeling really, really clean, fresh, shiny and smelling amazing. My hair kept that just-washed look and feel for ages afterwards, I'm a convert!

The formulation is quite runny so you've got to quick to catch it (before it hits the plug hole!), but lathers up quickly and rinses away leaving hair squeaky clean. There's a conditioner in the hair care range too (Natural/Unscented) which I imagine would be great if your hair is prone to tangles.

So many things have caught my eye on the Just Soaps website. I love the gift sets, the natural soap cake slices, and the pet shampoo (which comes with a dog biscuit) is just genius! Oh, and the peppermint foot products look like a refreshing summery treat too.There are even soap making courses (£95) for the day where you can learn how to make your own handmade soaps in Leicestershire.

If you're a fan of products free from chemical additives and preservatives and like the idea of pampering and nourishing your skin with natural ingredients like spring water, honey, oats, goat's milk, beeswax and lavender buds, this site is well worth a click!

Just Soap's Organic Citrus Zing Shampoo costs £7.25 for 200ml (or £13.50 for the Citrus Zing Shampoo and an Unscented conditioner) and is suitable for all hair types. Shampoo also available in Lavender and Unscented.


  1. Just soaps product range is fantastic and this shampoo sounds divine.

  2. Citrus Zing.... sounds like a great way to start your day.

    Great blog too.

    Jan x