Thursday, 27 January 2011

Style Files

High street fashion retailer New Look wouldn't automatically be the first place to pop into my head when I need a new nail file, but lurking alongside the latest fashion fixes are these brand new 'File under F for Fabulous' cushioned nail shapers from Anatomicals (nail files to me and you!). 

If you've got a spare £2 - yes £2 for two! -and nails that need a good shaping, there's enough grit here to create the latest nail shape (squoval in case you're wondering) yet they're not at all harsh, which is what you want if your nails are prone to splitting. Start off creating your shape with the medium side, then smooth off the nail edge with the finer side.

The cushioned pad is super comfy to hold and there's enough flexibility there to get down the sides to the nails. A quick scrub with a nail brush afterwards they're back to out-of-the-packet perfect.

A cheap yet chic handbag hero, the catwalk-inspired fluoro colours are a cinch to spot and put an end to rooting around in the bottom of our bags for dark, impossible-to-locate files. All we need now is a few of the latest eye-popping nail colours to go with them!

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