Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bright Eyes

I've been religiously applying Fade Out's Anti-Shadow Brightening Eye Cream for the past four weeks and can honestly say my eye bags and wrinkles are no longer threatening to take over my face!

It's one of those products that you actually look forward to applying and goes on well under make-up. It's light (even though it contains shea butter), cooling and refreshing (probably the high aloe vera content), and somehow makes you feel less tired just by smoothing it on. With regular twice-daily use, skin feels springier, firmer and hydrated, and fine lines and wrinkles much less noticeable.

A couple of sun-pigmented areas around my eyes have also faded, so I'll definitely be keeping this one up during the summer months.

It's slightly tinted although not enough to conceal anything major (I'd say more light reflecting) helping to achieve the luminosity and bright-eyed look usually associated with good night's sleep, eight glasses of water a day and a daily yoga session.

Available from Boots, or online at, £8.99

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