Wednesday, 24 August 2011

AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream - the best foot cream I have ever tried!

Finding a good foot cream is one of my life's missions! Having worked as a beautician, I've worked my way through many a professional foot cream (OPI is the most effective and most-loved by clients in my experience - the OPI green foot file is amazing at sloughing off dry skin!) right through to pharmacy-based brands like Flexitol (another fab brand for smoothing rough heels) but this Mineral Foot Cream from AHAVA's Dead Sea Water range tops the lot.

I've hit upon a seriously good product here for anyone with rough cracked soles, or those who simply like to look after their feet and give them the TLC they deserve.

For me, this foot cream combines the beautiful packaging and silky smooth  formulation of a spa brand with the results-driven efficacy of an advanced chemist-based treatment. After just one application my feet felt like I'd just stepped out of the salon having indulged in a spa pedicure. They felt so smooth (like wearing a pair of silk stockings!), delicately scented and had a  lovely light, cool 'walking on air' feeling.

What was really impressive was that silky soft feeling lasted, even after I'd showered, right through to the next day when I re-applied. The gorgeous scent lingers too, it's a beautiful light, almost powdery-smelling fragrance, which smells really comforting, just lovely!

I've also noticed a huge difference in my hands since using the cream, my cuticles are smoother and my nails have grown quicker.

It's also really handy for smoothing onto heels before you go out wearing strappy sandals. It re-hydrates dry heels instantly, leaving them looking so much more attractive, and with regular use gets to work on banishing those unsightly cracks for good.

Just like all the products in the AHAVA range, the cream is packed full of the natural skin-friendly elements found in the nutrient-rich Dead Sea region, including the area's mineral-filled water, mud, salt and plants. Perfect ingredients for hydrating the skin, increasing moisture and restoring skin balance. The range is paraben free, contains no harsh synthetic ingredients and is free from petroleum-based ingredients, making them suitable for sensitive skin too. 

I'm blown away by how good this product is, and I think you will be too. 

As a PS to this post, I've recently been trying out the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream too, a luxurious, pampering treat for the hands which is just as divine. It's infused with aromatic green plum and sandalwood and smells delicious. It's as effective as the foot cream, leaving hands feeling like they're covered in silk, and the scent lingers on the hands throughout the day.  

If you'd like to experience hands and feet at their softest, smoothest and most supple best, click here

AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream, £13.30, for 100ml.
AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream, £13.30 for 100ml.

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