Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just Soaps of the Earth - Cleanser & Moisturiser

I just knew when I blogged about Just Soap's gorgeous Organic Citrus Zing Shampoo back in April that this was definitely a brand to watch out for. Just lately, The Times and The Telegraph have picked up on this lovely niche company, too, who specialise in natural handmade skincare products.

I've got a simple yet effective skincare routine going at the moment, using a cleanser and moisturiser from Just Soaps of the Earth, that I thought I'd share with you.

I'm cleansing using the Melon & Papaya cleansing lotion, which is in fact - rather than a creamy cleanser as you might expect - a light oil-based cleanser. Initially, the concept of cleansing my sensitive, combination skin with oil seemed a little bit at odds with what I was trying to achieve (fresh, clean, non-oily skin) but I'm finding this cleanser not only gives a deep-down cleanse, it leaves skin feeling comfortably moisturised and plumped up too.

The Papaya Seed oil in the cleanser contains an enzyme, Papain, which works to dissolve excess sebum and loosen dead skin cells. It's certainly working to soothe and clear my congested, stressed skin at the moment. It also contains Watermelon Seed oil, a lovely light oil which gently dissolves impurties.

I'm enjoying smoothing one pump of the product over my dry face and neck and then, at the same time as cleansing, giving my face a facial massage to boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. I simply then buff the face using a soft damp muslin cloth and rinse away. It would make a therapeutic oil to use as a massage medium for a facialist, with the added bonus that it's actually cleansing the skin too.

It's lovely to use in the evening before bed because the aroma is delicious. There's soothing calendula and decongesting eucalyptus in there too, to help clarify skin.

After such a decadant cleanse, I'm finding that a light simple, almost non-scented, moisurising cream, like the natural Just Soaps of the Earth Facial Moisturising Cream with Aloe Vera & Calendula fits the bill perfectly. It sinks into the skin effortlessly and leaves skin feeling comfortable and calm.

Just Soaps of the Earth Melon & Papya Cleansing Lotion, 50ml, £6.50, and Calendula Facial Moisturiser, 60ml, £6.95, are both available from

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