Friday, 2 September 2011

VIVO make-up - the new colour-tastic range at Tesco!

I'll hold my hands up and admit that, despite my love of all things beauty related, I am pretty scared of colour cosmetics. I never seem to have the surplus cash to splash out and experiment with the latest fashion colours, and always stick to my tried-and-tested trusty brown eye shadows and nude lip glosses. That is until now ...! 

Next time you're trawling around Tesco with your trolley and fancy a little make-up pick-me-up, I urge you to check out the fab new cosmetics line currently hitting the shelves - VIVO. With prices starting at £1.50, everyone, me included, can afford to pop a goodie in with the weekly shop!

The Baked Shimmer Palette (above), £6, is the stand-out product for me and features four exquisite marbled eye shadows and an accompanying blusher. I tried Paparazzi (which with it's colour-popping shimmer shades is a break away from my usual safe neutrals) but it was surprisingly easy to get right. The double-ended applicator allows for a great deal of precision, and the little mirror built into the case is just right for checking out how you're doing.

If, like me, you're a bit daunted by catwalk-inspired colourful shades and being 'alive with colour' as the tag line of the brand promises (eek!), rest assured you can use as little as you like to still create a fresh new look. I found just a light sweep of the purple/lilac/blue from the Paparazzi palette opened up my eyes no end and the teal green also looked great. They are lovely strong pigments, so if subtle is not your style and you prefer a more dramatic look, there's always that option too.

All the fail-safe colours are there too amongst the vibrancy, including rich chocolate, mink and espresso individual shadows, plus there's a collection of five trio eyeshadow palettes (£2.50 each) for creating the perfect smoky eye. The Innocence trio (below) is perfect and in shades I know I'd use again and again.

The range spans all the make-up essentials, from primer, foundation, concealer and powder, through highlighters, bronzers and blushers, to lip glosses, lipsticks and a full range for eyes including shadows, mascaras, liquid liners, kohl pencils, a brow kit and false lashes. With prices ranging from £1.50 for an individual eyeshadow, kohl pencils and mascaras to £5 for a baked bronzer and £6 for a skin-prepping primer, what's not to like?

VIVO is an affordable, inspiring and exciting new range which has opened my eyes to being more experimental with colour, safe in the knowledge I'm not spending a fortune!

Available from Tesco stores nationwide.

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