Friday, 2 December 2011

The best stress-busting bath oil EVER!

If I was asked to pick one product to keep me un-frazzled during the festive season, this Bath and Shower Oil from Aromatherapy Associates, would be, without question, the one! It's like an aromatherapy 'anaesthetic' with the most euphoric floral fragrance of geranium, frankincense and rose to restore hassled minds and fill us full of positivity and calm.

I put this powerful Support blend to the test this week after a particularly emotionally fraught day Christmas shopping in York, followed by meeting a tight feature deadline, attending a parent's evening and finishing off making two school nativity costumes! I took half an hour out early evening for a lovely deep bath steeped in this beautiful blend, then felt so composed and calm I powered on through with writing my Christmas cards! It's relaxing but restoring and uplifting too and digs deep to help you find those reserves of energy you sometimes have to draw on just to get things done. A bath in this is like waking up refreshed after a deep and restful sleep!

One capful in the bath is all that's needed, or you can apply it to the body before showering too. I love the way the scent lingers on your super-soft skin after your bath (it's the coconut oil that leaves skin silky smooth), so you're wafting around in a relaxing aroma long after you've left the bathroom! It's divine and I know I'm going to have a much more relaxing Christmas because of it! I can't think of a better gift for someone special, who you'd like to lavish with some serious TLC.

£37 for 55ml, available from

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