Friday, 2 December 2011

LUSH - new minature set of Gorilla Perfume fragrances!

I'm probably what you'd call a bit of a perfume flirt! I'm not faithful to one specific fragrance or brand, I prefer to flit merrily depending on my mood and what the day or evening holds. 

This miniature set of eight 2ml exclusive fragrances from Lush is perfect for someone like me who prefers to try before I buy a full-size bottle, and I always like to take the time to see how a perfume develops on my skin.

This lovely little box contains one each of the following fragrances:

1000 Kisses - exquisite, delicate blossoms combined with citrus and resins. Expresses the complexities of true love.

Ginger - crisp and true with exotic mimosa, rose and jasmine too.
Ladyboy - my personal favourite! It's a quirky amber-based scent that despite the eyebrow-raising name is sophisticated and stylish. Contains banana and seeweed too. Sounds bizarre but it's gorgeous.

Love - young sweet and flirty with tempting apples and spice. Exhilarating!

Superworld Unknown - inspired by candyfloss and bubbles, combines citrus and chocolate. An escapist scent.

Cocktail - a lovely evening scent, think sipping a cocktail in a chic bar.

The Smell of Weather Turning - the most intriguing in the box for me. It's a thunderstorm in reverse. Starts with fresh rain on greenery then develops into something smokier and darker, with hay and woods in the final stages. Really unusual and lovely.

B Scent - Rose and crisp citrus. Stylish and feminine. 

No-one does fun and quirky quite as well as Lush for me, their products and packaging always lift my spirits. This would make a fab stocking filler for a girlfriend, or a top secret santa gift. Or, just treat yourself!

Order online at, priced £19.95

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