Friday, 8 July 2011

NEW Define & Line Liquid Eyeliner by Miners!

I'm not the world's best with a liquid eyeliner, in fact I'm a bit of a cack-handed novice, but these brand new dinky Define & Line Liquid Eyeliners from Miners make the task so much easier!


I started off with the brown, less dramatic than black and therefore more forgiving if I made a mistake! I loved the nib, it's so precise, and once the product's on, that's it, it didn't budge or smudge until I removed it with eye make-up remover. There's a cute blue shade too which is also easy to apply and looks great right next to the upper lash line.

I'll be using mine with my Miners Dip & Define eye shadows and maybe by Christmas, if I keep practising with the black, I'll be sporting that much-dreamed of, never yet achieved, classic feline flick at all the festive bashes!

Miners Define & Line Liquid Eyeliners cost £2.99 each and are available from or leading pharmacies.

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