Friday, 8 July 2011

Got bed head? Get a SilkPerfect luxury silk pillowcase ... and wake up looking younger too!

A top hairdresser once told me the secret to waking up with silky smooth locks without a trace of bed head was to wrap my pillow in a silk scarf and go to sleep on that. It's a tip I've been meaning to try but never have, until now!
In fact, I've discovered something better than a silk scarf (which would probably slip off the bed and end up on the floor!) it's a silk pillow by Silk Perfect, a 100% pure silk luxury pillowcase that I can't help but notice the beauty experts are raving about.

But it's not just hair the pillowcase helps with, I was shocked to read that after sun damage, one of the biggest causes of skin ageing comes from sleeping on traditional cotton, linen or polyester pillowcases! Apparently such materials wick moisture away from our skin, leaving us with drier skin prone to ageing. Shockingly, the rougher surface of fabrics like cotton and linen can apparently contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles!

So even if we're slathering on quality skincare products before bed, if our pillow is sub-standard, we're simply unravelling all of our hard work. Switch to silk and skin retains moisture and the softer nature of the fibres are kinder to the skin. Sleeping on silk is also said to be beneficial to asthma sufferers as the naturally hypoallergenic material makes the pillow slips repellent to the housemites that often live in bedding.

So what did I think of it? Well with my hair freshly-washed, blow dried and straightened on Sunday night in preparation for an early Monday morning drive to work, I went to bed in anticipation of waking up looking pretty much the same. And I wasn't disappointed. It still looked smooth, unruffled, sleek and ready to go.

They wash perfectly in the washing machine too. I put mine in on a 30 degree wash with the rest of my white bedding and hung it out to dry. No need to handwash, unless you particularly want to!

The jury is still out for me on the anti-ageing properties of sleeping on silk, but I'm happy to keep laying my head in complete luxury to keep working on it!

SilkPerfect pillowcases start at £22 (look out for the buy one get one free offers!) and are available from

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