Friday, 8 July 2011

Kings & Queens Body Butter - Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower

I'll admit it was the description that first drew me to this seriously indulgent Kings and Queens Body Butter! 

I quote: 'During the long lasting dynasty of the Nasrid Sultans, the Spanish city of Granada was famous, among others, for its magnificent gardens. Every spring and summer, the blooming lemon trees sent over walls and into the palaces, the smell of Paradise.'

So, it is with this romantic vision in mind that this huge chunky tube of delights has been my body moisturising product of choice for a few months now, it's absolutely divine! It's thick and creamy and delicately scented with a soft flowery almost powdery lemon smell (rather than the usual uplifting zingy fresh lemon scent), so it doesn't over power any other fragrances you're wearing.

All the products in the Kings & Queens range have ingredients fit for a, err, King/Queen, such as pomegranate (notice how the top of a pomegranate is shaped rather regally like a crown!), Blue Egyptian Lotus and Malachite extracts. All are free from mineral oils and parabens too.

I've found it particularly good when lavished onto dry feet before bed (with socks over the top), and I also like applying a thick layer under washing up gloves and then letting the heat of the water melt the thick nourshing cream into the skin while I'm washing up.

There are also shower gels, body milks, soaps and deodorants in the range, all exquistely packaged and very attractively priced. All of which adds up to a big thumbs up from me!

Kings and Queens Body Butter Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower, £8, and an array of other products from the range, are available from

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