Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Active Honey Co. - healing honey in a tube!

Now here's a little tube that packs a potent punch ... The Active Honey Co. Antiseptic Honey 20+. It's a 100 per cent natural healing honey which gets to work on a range of everyday skin problems, from spots and pimples, rashes and eczema to minor burns, sunburn, cuts and grazes. Definitely one for the holiday first aid bag!

I think most of us beauty buffs have heard of Manuka honey before and its antiseptic properties, but research shows this honey (gathered from hives in the forests of southern Chile) outperforms Manuka honey in its curative powers. 

I've often wondered how honey works on healing. Apparently it has a natural drawing action on the skin to remove moisture from wounds which makes it difficult for microbes to survive and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

This honey also releases its powers over a sustained period, so skin is receiving its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic powers long after its applied. Good to know if you're applying to a stubborn spot before bedtime as you can relax safe in the knowledge it'll keep on fighting the problem during the night!

So what did I think? To begin with, having read that it can be used to 'moisturse and nourish dry skin,' I slathered it on to my dry and sun-parched lower legs, only to find it a bit sticky ... it reminded me of the sugaring paste you can get for sugaring your legs! So I abandoned that idea and used it instead, (probably more as the manufacturers intended) on a smaller area of stubborn spots on my cheek area.

Three weeks in, I'm really impressed. It's gentle and soothing on the skin yet still gets deep down to the root of the problem to draw out and dry out the spots. The honey didn't dry my skin out at all whereas a traditional spot cream containing Benzoyl peroxide probably would. The area is calmer and clearer and I noticed it took the redness down instantly which is a huge plus. Personally, I don't think it's a product you can wear under make-up (it's a bit too sticky!) but it's brilliant as part of a nightly skin care routine and gives us natural product lovers a refreshing alternative to tea tree oil!

The Active Honey Co. Antiseptic Honey 20+ is available from Boots, Morrisons and pharmacies and independent health food stores nationwide, priced £7 for 30g. Or buy online at

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