Sunday, 20 March 2011

AHAVA Energizing Body Mud Mask

When I was first invited to try out a body mud mask I had visions of it splattering all over my bathroom walls, blocking the plug hole and smearing mud all over the towels! In other words, a bit much of a palava!

I'm so glad I put that misconception behind me because AHAVA's Energizing Body Mud Mask is a sheer pleasure to use. It's an ultra-smooth mask with a light pleasant scent that glides easily onto the skin (it has a lovely silky, creamy consistency, not at all messy or drippy) and only takes as long as smoothing on a moisturiser to apply.

As it dries on the skin (about five minutes) it feels refreshingly cool and light. I actually used the five mins to do a deep facial cleanse, then jumped in the shower to rinse it all away. I prefer to use a shower with this product personally, as I wouldn't want to bathe in the product after it's detoxed my skin!

It's packed with therapeutic goodness such as muds and minerals from the Dead Sea, Dunaliella seaweed (known for its anti-ageing properties) and also an aromatic blend of Mandarin and Cedarwood (although this scent is very subtle, but that's often a good think for sensitive skins like mine).

My skin felt tighter, more toned, hydrated and radiant after just one use, especially the upper arms ... a great product to try in preparation for the summer months ahead!

I'm not sure if AHAVA is available to the beauty professional but I so wish I'd discovered this range when I was doing my mobile beauty treatments. This mask would have been ideal, so easy and clean to use and remove, and transport! And easy to retail too!

Do check out the AHAVA range at, it's a beautifully packaged (affordable) range based on the natural health minerals of the Dead Sea and includes facial and body products, hair care, hand and foot care, plus some gorgeous gift packages - if you're stuck for ideas for Mother's Day!

AHAVA Energizing Body Mud Mask, £14, available from

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