Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Shining Example - St Eval Candle Company

I'm so excited to have discovered the St. Eval Candle Company. Based on a farm on the north coast of Cornwall, they make a huge range of exquisite (yet affordable!) candles using traditional methods, and their attention to detail really shines through.

I've been burning one of their Scented Tins, (£8.65, 45hr burn time) on my desk for a few weeks now (Thyme & Mint) which has a really clean, crisp, fresh fragrance, a scent which I've found great for motivation and concentration - it's pulled me through several deadlines this week!

I took a peek at what else they have to offer on their website and the range is truly stunning. I loved the National Gallery-inspired range, especially the Sunflowers candle (a Van Gogh sunny yellow) and also the rustic terracotta-filled pots, which conjure up a balmy evening in Tuscany ... I'll buy anything that makes promises like that!

Next time you need a present for someone, or fancy treating yourself, bookmark this page and take a look. There's classic, rustic, pretty, scented quirky, arty, romantic, something for everyone, you really can't go wrong.

Order online at

Never leave a burning candle unattended


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