Sunday, 6 March 2011

no!no! Week 1 (of 8) continued!


First up, the no!no! 8800 is incredibly simple and easy to use and totally mess free. There's a Quick Guide so you get going straight away (once you've charged it up, but you really do need to read the user manual on CD too) and I love the fact that it's cordless (once charged) so you can do it wherever you like, even in front of the TV!

When I first heard about this device I thought it was a take on a home IPL/laser machine. It is based on the same principles but it uses heat, or what's called the Thermicon Effect, to target hair instead.

A gentle wave of heat removes hair and continues below the surface down into the hair bulb, then with time and consistent use the idea is hair growth is distorted and that the hair that does grow back appears thinner and lighter. The real advantage over laser/IPL systems is that the machine doesn't target the melanin, so it's suitable for everyone, regardless of skin colour or hair colour.

This model comes with three treatment levels (low, medium and high) which are displayed on the digital status screen. There's also a tip status screen which lets you know the condition of your tip and when it's no longer working efficiently.

Does it hurt? Absolutely not. It's like running a little roller over your leg against the hair growth (or wherever you're using it), if anything a slight warm feeling but nothing to get excited about. A blue light and continuous beep reassures you that you're gliding it on the skin correctly (ie holding it at 90deg and using it at the correct speed, keeping it steady and not too fast/slow).

As you run the device over the skin, the hair starts to 'frazzle' up as a thermal wire passes over them, or to use their terminology, 'crystalise', but there's no pain and barely any heat. It's so quick too, it takes the same time as shaving would (very quick), but without the hassle of having to bath or shower, and without the mess and stickiness of home waxing or nicks when shaving! The only gripe I can image anyone having is the smell of burning hair, but it's worth putting up with for the end result! Hair needs to be 1-3mm long.

Any hair that's left on the skin is then buffed away gently to leave a smooth and silky finish. I was really quite taken aback by the results at this stage, I was really amazed at how effective it was. My skin is very sensitive so it did feel a little warm and slightly itchy at this stage but not as much as it would after waxing/shaving. I soothed the skin with aloe vera gel but no!no! do manufacture a Smooth After Treatment Cream so if you use anything, I'd say go with their recommendations.

By the next day, I could feel the hair returning, and couldn't really see the advantage (at this stage) over shaving (and it certainly comes nowhere near to the long-lasting effects of waxing). But, as the manual says, with patience and dedication (ie 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks) I should reap the rewards, then I'll need to use only as often as necessary. Fingers crossed!

More next week ...!

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