Wednesday, 9 March 2011

no!no! Trial - Week 2 (of 8)

I found myself with a spare half hour tonight so, with my hair back up to the optimum length of 1-3mm, I decided to squeeze in my second no!no! session this week (four in total so far).

I don't want to sound negative as I'm all for giving things a fair chance but I did struggle a little with it tonight. The machine kept turning itself on and off (maybe I'm doing something wrong?); the status indicator is showing that my large Thermicon tips (for legs) is down to 1 of 3 bars (I've only treated my lower legs four times!) and my buffer is completely buffed out so I've already had to buy some more.

I'm finding I have to repeatedly go over areas to get a smooth finish (maybe that's why my tip is running low) and whilst it works pretty well on finer haired areas, personally I'm not finding it that effective at all on coarser areas. Really strange as I got a great finish after my first session. Am wondering if my hair isn't long enough this week? Unlike waxing, if your hair is on the darker side, you can still see the darker hair under the skin like a pin prick waiting to come through. 

I did lend it to a former waxing client of mine earlier this week and it worked absolutely brilliantly on her finer facial hair (that annoying peach fuzz hair) using the smaller tips and she told me it left her skin feeling soft and smooth, without the redness associated with waxing. Maybe this is one area where the no!no! really comes into its own?

I can only really judge this on whether I'd recommend it to a friend and how I'd feel if I'd spent almost £200 on the product. As I sit here with my prickly legs breathing in the smell of burning hair, I think I'd be questioning if I'd done the right thing. I really, really hope I'm going to be proved wrong! Will keep on with the sessions, more next week...

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