Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

I knew Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser was going to be good (it is, after all, multi-award winning and receives gushing reviews from its dedicated following!) but I have to say, this is the cleanser to end all cleansers!

I was impressed right from the moment my product arrived. My starter pack (including a 100ml pump) came in a signature mint green zip-up pouch, with how-to-use instructions (yes you really do need these as it's not like anything you'll have used before) and two generously-sized white muslin cloths. Just amazing attention to detail. And, priced at £13.25, it's a really special product, but without a guilt-inducing price tag.

I had half-expected the consistency to be granular (because of the polish element in the name) but it's actually a really thick, luxurious white cream, containing cocoa butter. This will sound bizarre - and I mean it in a good way - but it reminded me of a high-quality foot cream in both texture and smell!

It has a really refreshing and cleansing aroma (rosemary, calendula and eucalyptus) and is a sheer joy to smooth onto the skin, which you do when the skin is dry, including the eye area - it's really great for removing eye make-up (do this last to avoid spreading make-up all over your face!). 

The 'polish' element comes in when you remove the product with the muslin cloth as it gently exfoliates the skin. You simply wet the cloth in hand hot water, wring it out then use it to sweep away the product, lightly over the eye area, then rinse and dry the cloth. I run mine through the washing machine and hang out to dry every other day.

A cool splash of water later and I felt like I'd been left with new skin. It made me feel fresher, healthier, younger and more radiant, as if I'd let my skin breathe for the first time in ages. Even just the aromas as you're using the product, combined with the steamy warm water, is a therapeutic treat in itself! In just a couple of weeks, it's sorted out a plethora of problems too, from dry patches to spots. It's a real miracle worker.

What else? The packaging looks beautiful in my bathroom. I love the ethos, the naturally active ingredients, the thought and attention to detail, even the fact that the company hails from the Isle of Wight where Liz has been Nordic walking along the beach. I buy into all of that whole philosophy of blending beauty with health! 

I can't wait to build up my Liz Earle collection. I'm particularly keen to start using it in conjunction with the Skin Repair moisturiser. Oh, and there are some new shampoos too! And for a real treat, I'm going to try and get to the lovely new store in Leeds (the nearest to me) and treat myself to a bliss-out skincare treatment! Can't wait!

Treat yourself to this and you won't look back! There are some fantastic deals and money-saving packages to be found on QVC, www.qvcuk.com, or buy directly from the Liz Earle website www.uk.lizearle.com

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