Sunday, 20 March 2011

Get flirty ... with Lush's Dirty!

This week I've been lucky enough to sample a brand new fragrance from one of my very favourite stores, Lush! It was the name - Dirty - that first grabbed my attention ... intriguing to say the least!

Okay, so this one's really for the man (or men!) in your life, but I'd place bets that us women will be spritzing this on like crazy too! The concept? Well, I love the thinking behind this. The Dirty range, new to Gorilla Perfumes at Lush, is designed for men who don't want too much faff, would like one all-over smell, and don't want to walk around wafting a variety of different aromas behind them.

Each element of the range has its own unique fragrance, which when used as a set, builds up in layers to form the complete fragrance (which is the same as the complete Dirty Complete Fragrance I've been trying above). There's also a shower gel, shaving cream, hair styling cream, body spray, even tooth tabs (a novel idea - a tablet you crush in your mouth and brush!) ... so all bases are covered!

So what's it smell like? I'll be completely honest here. To begin with I wasn't entirely sure (neither was my other half!). It smelt a little culinary and herby (think that's the initial uplifting hit of the mint, tarragon and thyme) but it mellows down through oak moss and lavender to a seductive and sensual base of sandalwood and neroli. Very nice indeed! It's got great staying power too!

Lush Complete Fragrance Spritzer, from £9 for 10ml, available at

Toothy Tabs £2, Spring Wash Shower Gel from £4.25, Shaving Cream £4.95, Hair Styling Cream £5.95 and Body Spray £12.50 all available online or in store.

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